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Humanity, along with its successor races, has recovered in the fifty generations after the barely-averted alien invasion. Despite the world's massive retaliatory xenoforming by the now-gone Invaders, life as we know it survives and even thrives thanks to the Slipstream, the massive weather formation that keeps the upper atmosphere free of the fungal forests and corrosive fogs that have colonized the surface. Thanks in part to pervasive psi, civilization has managed to reemerge, both in the Gray Plateau of Tsuxia and in the high-altitude lands that emerge like islands in the Slipstream.

On a shattered earth, turn asunder a thousand years ago by an alien invasion, humanity proves that the fragility of life is but a myth. Despite the world's massive xenoforming by long-gone alien invaders, and the Earth's surface uninhabitable save for its highest mountaintops, life goes on. Thanks in one part to the Slipstream, a massive weather phenomenon that has kept the upper atmosphere breathable and safe from the fungal forests and corrosive fogs of the surface, and in another part to pervasive psionics brought by the invasion, civilization has re-emerged in the sky.

Now, shall civilization follow the path of order, upon the Gray Plateau of Tsuxia, or shall chaos reign upon the lands scattered throughout the Slipstream? This clash is but one story written by travellers, as they sail the sky between the Waylights. All considered, it's a good time to be alive.

HistoryCombat and Skill Check SystemCharacter Sheet Sample
GlossarySkillsGeneric NPC
Science and Tech LevelEconomics and Equipment(Tougher version)
Psi and MagicWeaponsReida, Ixakan bartender and dancer
Cultural NotesArmorAccapelia, Archiellan squire
RacesVessel Sheet LayoutDecker, Tsuxian escapee mechanic
MapsSample VesselsJarik, Zoroan mining foreman
Photos Steb, Thracion wrestler
Cantons and Lands Tenna, Hibernian ship's cook
Fauna Lighty, Cascadian courier
Religions Sasha, small-time con artist
Notable Figures Jools, small-time tough
Legends, Rumors, Stories, Metafiction Fuchsia, specialist navigator
Adventure Seeds Treble, also an Archiellan squire
  Nacirema, Selenite diplomat
  Other Kip Characters
  Other Dee Characters
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