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Robots Everywhere,LLC

Our fanatical team of mechanical, electronic, and software engineers are striving to put an end to human toil by putting robots everywhere!

We have developed autonomous navigation systems used on sailboats, surveyor boats, airplanes, indoor and outdoor land vehicles, and submarines.

We design, manufacture and sell a variety of robots from the tiny Android-based Antbot to the rugged, long range Robotic Survey Vessel. Our autonomous vehicles have been deployed in cities, open ground, over and under water, in the air, and soon in space.

The BTC is a rugged industrial nautical tracking system that has proven its reliability in harsh conditions for years. The PropBridge is an expandable, scriptable platform that leverages Android phones.Our systems are in use in power plants, monitoring stations, and even satellites!

Open Philosphy: Both our software and hardware is open, and extensive efforts are made to ensure that users and third party developers have an easy time customizing our products to suit their needs. We strive to give back to the community in the form of a range of freely available designs and code snippets.

Relentless Development: We take every job seriously, from providing support for a $15 audioserial modem module to taking responsibility for a $15M solar tracking system. Our Relentless development model allows us to complete consulting work in days where others take weeks, without sacrificing quality or value.

Your technical expertise is phenomenal. – Chris McKay, senior NASA planetary scientist