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M.K. Borri

M.K. Borri is the chief engineer of the CellSol project, having designed all of the system’s specifications, hardware, most of the firmware, and is the driving force behind the project’s philosophy of relentless improvement.

MKB has been an inventor for as long as anyone can remember, having worked on network systems for homes, small businesses, and libraries in Italy in the early days of the Internet, as far back as 1994. MKB went on to study Electrical and Computer Engineering at St Mary’s University, in San Antonio, Texas, and founded Robots Everywhere along with Riley August. Since then, MKB has been designing and implementing solutions in instrumentation, data logging, robotics, light duty manufacturing, and many other areas for both public and private clients.

The L-Cheapo Laser Cutter is another of MKB’s prominent works.

CellSol is not MKB’s first charity project by any means, having worked with the Aaron Swartz Day Hackathon in the past on several projects including the Swartz-Manning VR Destination and ASD Solar Survival Project.

When not trying to change the world through innovative technology, MKB enjoys exploring, both real places and virtual, by swimming, sailing, and cycling. MKB is also a prolific writer of fantasy and science fiction; some if it can be found for free at the Emlia Website

M K Borri being fat